Shawn KullaDesigner & Media Developer


About Me

/Who Am I

I started tinkering with web design and building websites way before Yahoo! acquired GeoCities somewhere around 1999.


After studying graphic/web design I entered the creative workforce, working in industries ranging from newspapers to signage to higher education. I have also been freelancing in some capacity since 2006.


Currently I live in Watertown, South Dakota, USA.


/What I do

Below you will find a quick description of some of the stuff I can do or projects I have worked on. It’s not an extensive list, and I am constantly learning and trying new mediums to create.


Many pixels have been pushed on various projects. Logos, websites, product packaging, signage, fliers, Snapchat filters, and so many more; but I will leave it at that for now.


Websites come in so many shapes and sizes, and I have created many, ranging from a single page HTML site to eCommerce to a large educational institution


Whether its a drone video, interview, or playing with special effects; I have so much fun with video.


/My entire career


Graphic Design, (AAS)

Minnesota West

After studying under an accomplished designer with work preserved by the Smithsonian, I graduated from Minnesota West with an Associates of Applied Science in Graphic Design.


Graphic Designer

The Watertown Public Opinion

The first design related job that I landed was a graphic designer at the Public Opinion. During my time at the PO I created ad layouts for the daily newspaper, the weekly Coteau Shopper, and special tabloid inserts. I wasn't limited to setting ads. There was the occasional logo, plate burning, and sometimes stuffing inserts when the print room was short handed.

Graphic Design/CNC Programmer

ESCO Manufacturing/Stein Sign Display

Designing for signage was a big change. Your designs become a 3-dimensional product when they are completed. It was very cool to work with both local companies to create signage that fit their brand and with large national companies to create signs that complied with their brand identity standards.



Frozen Canvas Studios / Glacial Interactive Inc.

Something that started with a couple logos and websites became my part time job on evenings and weekends. To make it official I started a company called Frozen Canvas Studios. In 2015 I partnered with another small freelance shop, and we started Glacial Interactive, Inc. It is a digital marketing company providing services like design, web dev, video, and social marketing.

Media Designer and Developer

Lake Area Technical Institute

Working at LATI has challenged me with an assortment of design and creative challenges. If you haven't redesigned a college website from the ground up, I invite you to try. There is an incredible amount of data and content and everything has its place. This is a feat that I have tackled twice! Recruitment and marketing materials are changed with each semester. Some of these pieces include a catalog, posters, and brochures. Video is another monster project around here. There are many different promo videos and livestream events. The highlight was being able to film and livestream President Obama as the graduation commencement speaker in 2015.



/Work done so far

Here is a sample of projects that I have created.


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